Sunday, February 06, 2005

So many terrorist organisations, so little known about them

I can't see anyone lifting the fog over the middle east without knowing how all the terrorist organisations operate and interact. Even though they are backed and financed by certain countries governments or organisations, they are free and private agents. They are the natural enemy of democracies, and the weapon of choice for failing islamic states (or meta-states). I see many people assuming that they target civilians because they want to kill everybody and they've got to start somewhere. Also, people assume that suicide terrorist groups are doing it for their "God", and that killing the enemy in any way is righteous - as their mantras suggest. However, this is what they want democracies to think. What they really try to do is to provoke a reaction - preferably a disproportionate one but they're happy with any that makes their enemy look bad, without completely destroying their organisation. So 9/11 wasn't about trying to destroy America, but to get a reaction that makes them look bad. Unfortunately, it has worked to some extent, with some european countries most notably concluding that the US is more a problem than terrorism. Also Israel has been made to look bad because more palestinians have died than Israelis, and palestinians have been thrown further into poverty due to the Un-integration of their economies with various barriers to trade in goods and labour. Basically the terrorists have got what they wanted, misery all round, and their targets unfairly shouldering the blame.

What can I therefore conclude for Iraq. As a democracy, it will be a natural target for terrorism even after US pullout. A democratic Iraq will be very likely to make peace with Israel as peace activism between neighbouring democracies tends to reinforce each other. Once Iraq is dealt with, Iran will be the most pressing foreign policy problem for the US.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think the terrorists want misery all around. I think if you know what you are doing is the right thing to do, you are not so concerned with whether you win or lose, and sometimes you get thoroughly confused about the proportionality of the means that you use. I would argue that 9/11 was not terrorism, in the way that blowing up random Jews in a pizza parlour is terrorism. The targets were places directly involved in the machinations of the Great Satan, either military or financial.