Thursday, February 17, 2005

Volleyball vs Tennis


Having made the semi-finals in second place, we had two chances to make the final. Sandor sprained his ankle and couldn't make it to the semi's so we had to play with only three players against four. We tried valiantly, but both teams we played were expert at finding the gaps and placing shots into them. Nonetheless, I was very happy with our attacking play, and quite a few spikes and blocks of mine satisfyingly hit the dirt for winners.


I can't believe how long it's been since I've picked up a tennis racket. In late primary/early high school I was training every day, and for years after I played fixtures on saturdays. I don't really have a lot to show for it, except for a competitive streak in life's sports. I really only remember fondly a few moments. One where my opponent was at the net, had me sprawling off to the right of the court which I could only manage to hit straight back at him. Seeing my predicament, he casually dibbled a drop shot and turned away from the play seeing I had no chance to retrieve it. I didn't feel like giving up so I went for a sprint complete with life-endangering dive and managed to spoon it back over the net. Hearing me crash to the ground he turned his head around again, not realising that the ball was just going past where his racket should have been in a nice slow arc. He just had his mouth wide open and said "#$%* Italian Stallion". I lost the game, but inside I was a winner. As in volleyball, I don't take pleasure in winning so much as having a memorable save or otherwise incredible shot.

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