Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My sidebar will include this

Pills I'm ingesting: acidophilus, disprin direct for pain, panadeine for strong pain, sudafed for colds, Claratyne for hayfever, Robotussin for coughs, Selenium and multivitamin supplements.

Things I'm obsessing about : Selling on EBAY (look me up)

Interesting things that happened lately: Got hit in the head by a kookaburra while driving around a corner in my van with the window open.

DVD's I'm watching - Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank engine, Bewitched (original 60's series) Harry Potter (with the kids).

TV I'm watching: Big Brother, Landline.

Good food I'm cooking: Curry with Jasmine rice


Dr. Clam said...

Don't understand... is this some new rogue meme? Where is your sidebar? Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?

Dr. Clam said...

Pills I'm ingesting: None, just beer.

Things I'm obsessing about: Undemocratic electoral boundaries in the US and UK, Emmanuelle Ottolonghi's op-ed suggesting people like me should be purged.

Interesting things that happened lately: The originally facetious byzantine scheme I sugggested has been adopted as the preferred option for our department...

DVD's I'm watching: Lilo and Stitch, Stellaluna, Finding Nemo.

TV I'm watching: High-Five

Good food I'm cooking: Curry with Jasmine rice