Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Trenchant political analysis???

All I've got to say at the moment about politics is that I read some great articles in recent editions of "The Economist". One about the mathematics behind terrorism, another about population's reaction to the fear associated with terror, and an insight into how China runs the world economy. Otherwise I am trying not to distract myself from work.


Dr. Clam said...

I just don't get this 'fear associated with terror' business. What are people so frightened of? I am still on a Jeff Brisges style high from the end of the Cold War and the passing away of Mutually Assured Destruction. Seriously, we in the First World have a better chance of dying of shame after our films are mocked on Film Forensics than we have of being killed in a terrorist attack.

Jenny said...

Its a media thing. More people die in car crashes and if the so called current affairs programs focussed on that and hyperventilated enough with graphic tragic stories, the general public would demand a banning of cars. We are notoriously bad at accurately determining the level of risk of our actions, or those of others around us. Probably because most of us suck at comprehension of statistics. People often depend on the "authority" style of choosing what to believe and often the authority we select depends on ratings to make their living

Marco said...

Interesting that when 9-11 first happened and got called 9-11, I was sure that the date was very familiar to me, but the other way ie. 9th of November. I was thinking that I should check the date the Berlin wall came down, which to me marked the end of Mutually Assured Destruction. Low and behold it was the 9th of November 1989. This is the 9-11 that World citizens should really remember!