Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Ants and Such
Over the years, I have discovered some astoundingly cheap strategies for vanquishing vermin of all kinds. Starting with mice, I realised that, rather than getting a better mouse trap, the real secret for my situation was to find out where their nest was and block it off. Plugging the hole in the wall near the washing machine just made them dissappear. Cockoroaches, were a perennial problem until my Kylie's crazy uncle told me a simple statement that, in Townsville, the big dark breed of cocky's is predominant, and they are outdoor roaches and only come indoors to feed. Barrier spray along under the doors that lead outside (at my house that's only the front door, garage & back door), and there is no sign of them for months! Ants were a problem for years, and the barrier technique just wasn't working, because of their sheer numbers and small size. I coincidentally bought "SIMANT" computer game for the kids (ant simulator), and the solution was there in front of me. Find the queen ant in the patch that's causing the trouble, and just spray that small area. I have declared my house 100% ant free indoors. In all these cases, I had spent months in frustration before the light bulb appeared. Now if there was just the thing for head lice - I must keep thinking.

Things to do

Well, I'm expecting to send a promotional single CD of Spit to local radio stations timed to coincide with a new album coming out soon. So in the meantime there is plenty of preparation for me. I would like to see if any of my father's friends in the graphics art industry has done cd covers. Since dj's like everyone else judge a book by its cover, it seems important for the cd to have the semblance of professionalism. Otherwise, I will have to take my chances with whatever I've got when the timing is right. One of our former employees now works for 4TO FM. Maybe she could pull a couple of strings to see that the music gets on the air somewhat. I am hoping to at least get an airing on the "Hit or Shit" segment (Sea FM?) or the "Hot or Not" (Hot FM?) evening sessions where new music is aired first to be cheered or flushed down the toilet, metaphorically. I am also hoping to "request" the songs somewhere in the request times.

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