Thursday, August 07, 2003

Make time you fool!

As I say so often to my employee underlings - It is not true that you don't have enough time - It's that you don't think that it is important enough to make the time.

So to hell with it - everything can rot for another half an hour.


I want those spit CD's!! I know I could download the music and help to pick out suitable candidates for a CD Single. But, I would rather grandstand about what should happen rather than offer selective opinions about which is best.

Obviously a CD single must have a good song, a second song, and a couple of variations on the theme of the first song (dance version, karaeoke version). And rather than a demo CD, It should be presented as a shop-ready product to radio stations. Desktop publishing of CD covers and inserts have come of age. You can buy the paper and software for not a lot of money at your local Harvey Norman store and print it on your friendly inkjet printer. I am planning to go through the motions of that anyway.

I was thinking that "Apple Sauce" was an ideal single song - but, assuming that your recent work is a lot better, it could probably be a good second song.

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