Thursday, August 14, 2003

First rule of chess that I read about recently - This is how you play the game, you try to predict what the opponent's best move is and work out what moves you can do to best thwart his plan. You don't just play a move that looks good and hope that the opponent is equally unthinking and it's just a game of chance. Common sense, you might say, but it took me years to teach my kids that chess is about strategy. Equally, I have been applying strategic thinking in vanquishin vermin, and in business to try to actually make a profit (having eluded us for a couple of years).

So I simulate being a radio DJ:-----> and every day, I look at the pile of incoming music and requests. The CD at the top, I notice has ten new songs from a band I've never heard before, the next one I see is a new looking CD single. Now, should I play one of these on the air straight away, or listen to one of them first. Ok, I don't want to get sued, I better hear it first, I'll play the single, I don't have enough time to go through a whole album to see if there's something I like on it without any unsavoury content.

Thus, it is not really about quality which gets an unknown song onto the radio, but convenience for the DJ. I am convinced that none of the demo CD's with more than one Title ever hit the airwaves (for a lesser known band). Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. CHOOSE ONE SONG AT A TIME BEFORE SENDING TO RADIO STATIONS. That is what my strategic thinking is screaming into my ear for Spit.

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