Friday, August 22, 2003

Masochists and such
One recent event has recently convinced me that Sandor is continuing a trend of masochistic adventures that me and Chris F. were partners in crime originally. Last Year, he decided to climb up the front face of Mt. Stuart with seven children under the age of 13 including his own first born son 9 yo at the time. The eldest of this bunch happened to be a girl to boot. They started out early in the afternoon and by nightfall they had reached through nearly impenetrable jungle to the base of the cliffs near the lookout. Number of torches - zero, number of mobile phones - zero. Full moon - one. Walkie-Talkies - one. Water - running out. Realising that going up the cliff-face was suicide, they contacted a truck driver with the walkie-talkies. Got them to phone one of the kid's parents to come up to the top to help guide them the rest of the way. Hours and hours later after inching their way up one by one, they got to the top. This year, a small group of teenage males got stuck in a similar position (with mobile phones). They got "rescued" by Emergency service helicopters - wimps.

Did I hear Right
I was watching Susey Maroney ultra-marathon swimmer on TV. My wife tells me that her twin Brother died falling off a balcony at a hotel in Honolulu. She told me that it wasn't suicide but some kind of horseplay that went wrong. The height of stupidity! One should carefully calculate how to climb down safely before going near the edge.

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