Friday, December 17, 2004


Last week I complained that we played the top team too often. This week I'm going to complain that we play the bottom team too often. This time around we had Sandor instead of Dan. The opposition had only three players this week, and it should have been a walkover, except we just took it too casually. We won but there wasn't much good to say about it.

Tis the season not to be jolly

To keep going with my theme of hot Summers being bad, and combined with Christmas stress - even worse, statistically, the cases of domestic violence increase dramatically in summer, especially in the tropics. I can't mention any specifics, but I've got direct evidence that this is also not a myth. I am predicting numerous arguments between my relatives between now and March, but there's nothing I can do to stop them. I can see why hordes of North Queenslanders head South for the summer. And birds too for that matter. What are the chances that I could just "forget" Christmas, wake up in the morning and realise I'd missed it. Not likely. Perhaps I should just try and go along with the so-called christmas spirit, and put lights up all around the house and make everybody happy. I know, I could pour pure alcohol all around the house and just light it up! That would make for a good show.

I hate to be negative, but all these people going around looking jolly and pretending to be happy make me sick. Who are they trying to kid. All I want for Christmas is a lazy day with nothing to do, lots of cold non-alcoholic drinks, no kids nagging me to play with their presents. In other words, what I want for Christmas is for Christmas not to be Christmas. Gee, I'm glad I've got that off my chest.


Dr. Clam said...

Go for the moat of fire look, it will be way festive!

We had one year with basically no Christmas, since all our relatives were overseas. We watched videos during the day, then went over to some friends who were Bahais and didn't believe in Christmas (or alcohol) and read samples of our creative writing to each other. It was very relaxing and fun, though I wouldn't like to do it every year...

Please try to be jolly. We are all counting on you to uphold the Christmas spirit this year!

Dr. Clam said...

So how's the alcohol-fuelled mayhem going? We are having a great time. I am on four margaritas and three beers... I hope things have not turned out as badly as you feared. Merry Christmas!