Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Kylie is constantly testing my priorities. Last night she gave me a note about how Felicia's pre-school christmas concert is on at 6:00 pm wednesday night. She went on to say that since that was when my volleyball game was on that I would have to call up Sandor and tell him I wasn't going to volleyball. Of course, I said firmly that I was going to volleyball, and that I would sort it out with Felicia if she got disappointed. Anyhow, she decided that just because I was a "bastard" didn't mean that she wouldn't go, and that therefore I still needed to call Sandor to tell him that I couldn't pick him up and his kids like I have been for a 6pm game lately, because she would have the Kia, and I couldn't fit everybody in the other van. Anyhow, I phone him up and what does he say? Oh, was meaning to call you up, because I can't go to volleyball because he is going to a concert by his son Caleb (11). I briefly roased him for not having his priorities straight, and thought about the irony of it.

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