Thursday, December 02, 2004

Wacky Wednesday

Well, as I predicted Wednesday was rather eventful. I argued some more with Kylie with regards to Felicia's preschool christmas presentation, which clashed horribly with beach volleyball. Anyway, from what I could tell, Felicia was just as happy to come play in the sand while I played volleyball as have me come along to the presentation. Anyhow, I come home early from work so I can get ready for volleyball and help Felicia get ready for her preschool thing. I asked Kylie if I should get them dinner before we all go out, and she said "No, you should pack your bags and get out!". Anyhow, I decided to tell Belinda and Nikolas to get some play clothes on so that they can play in the sand, and they do: so does Felicia. Kylie asks her why she is doing that and she says she doesn't want to go to the pre-school. Anyway, just as we were about to give up, Kylie asks "Don't you wat to wear your nice Christmas dress?", suddenly Felicias face lights up and she says "OH, Yesss" and peace is restored. Anyhow, after volleyball, Kylie still has't forgiven me, and in a rage, she lashes out, I instinctively bring up my knees, and her wrists hit akwardly against my knee and she gets a hematoma (I don't know if that's spelt right). It was just dumb luck that she had an unrelated doctor's appointment the next day, where it turns out her original ear complaint was already gone, but she had to have a blood test to make sure there was no serious problems due to her wrist injury.


Which brings me to ths weeks game, which due to Sandor pulling out, I called our old team member Dan, with whom we'd won three first division finals in a row when we were still plaing on Tuesdays. As it turned out we were playing a fairly weak team, and would have probably won even with three players, but it was great having Dan there. He's got great timing in his net play, spiking and blocking nicely, and unlike Sandor, Anthony and Casey, he picks off the loose return of service with a spike like it deserves! That happens a lot with weaker teams like this, and it can be very intimidating for them when it happens. For once we got maximum points from the game, and hopefully Dan will fill in again when we need him. Dan also suggested we should put Casey as permanent setter because of her obvious superior skills in that regard.

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