Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I had a situation recently where lexifab was the other side of the fence, so to speak. While my parents were away, there was a week where two dogs were in their yard, the pool was a dark shade of green, there was an awful smell of rotting meat coming from somewhere, and a termite nest somewhere near the disused chicken coop. Naturally, one of the neighbours called to the council to complain about the dog howling all night, place smelling, green pool and wood problem. Naturally enough the council letter arrived as my father was coming home. He asked my advice on what to do (do your parents do that?) and I told him straight up to go and talk to ALL the neighbours and sort it out directly and in a civil manner. Although none of the neighbours were saints themselves, this tactic is so much better than to start a war with the neighbours with the Council as arbitrator. I would suggest talking first even if its other way around. There is no harm in occasionally saying hello, and gee thats a noisy dog you've got there, and a big ugly tree growing into the fence etc. just to touch base before taking it further.

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