Thursday, November 04, 2004

My imaginary friend- a short short story

A 30 month old girl goes and hides behind a sheet under her bed and takes her teddy bear. She talks softly to her imaginary friend with the bear as their witness.
"So, why are we hiding under the bed again?"
"Well, I did poo-poo in my pants. I didn't want to disturb mummy, and I can't work these silly pants by myself"
"But isn't she going to hit you when she finds out?"
"Yep - But we've got a little while before she finds us"
"That's not fair - she was asleep, and before that she was doing the washing, and before that, she was playing with your sister. She knows you need help!"
"Maybe we could trick her - You go out for me and get beaten, then come back under the bed, then we'll swap back. She'll never know the difference!"
"What's the point, I'll get back but you'll still be hurting when we change back!"
"Yeah, but it might not hurt as much, and I'll pretend it was just me falling off the bed like she tells daddy and grandma"
"Sounds like a good trick, lets do it all the time"
"Yeah, lets; but wait - what about when we don't need to do it anymore?"
"What do you mean? She hits you every single time you do poo-poo, sometimes she hits you for some other thing or another."
"Yeah, but maybe I'll learn what I have to do not to get hit so hard all the time"
"Well, if you do, I can just keep hiding under here somewhere"
"What if I don't need you anymore at all?"
"Well I can keep hiding as long as you want"
"Don't go away forever - that's dying you know"
"No I won't, I can come back whenever you're just about to get hit if you like"
"Ok, that should be easy, I can almost always tell when that's going to happen."

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