Monday, November 22, 2004


Well, nothing much happened. I wish Kylie had written it down so that I could remember it. Belinda and Nikolas have taken to sleeping in the family room because their rooms are too hot (our living areas are air-conditioned, but none of our bedrooms). Anyway, after a couple of days of me trying to read a novel while Kylie subverted every attempt because she wanted to talk to me instead, and she thought it was rude to read when somebody wanted to talk to you. We ended up fighting because I interrupted something she was going to say and didn't apologise. I ended up sleeping in Belinda's bed. Kylie really needs a friend she can talk to. Unfortunately, the four friends that she would happily talk to for hours have left town. They're all of the female persuasion, an Aussie single, Sri-lankan descendant, and a German mother of three in Brisbane, and a Greek descendant from Sydney. Now, if one of these were to phone up from the blue, just to talk or whatever, without being prompted by me of course, Kylie's life would be so much happier....And I could get back into reading without interruptions.

Mango season

Belinda and Nikolas eat as many as I'll give them, which is lucky because there are hundreds of delicious mangos to get through. I've manged to get them not to ripen all at once for a change, which means they won't have to gorge,then be left mango free all of a sudden.

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