Friday, November 12, 2004

Forking Unbelievable

Reading the Forking novel is going to be a little odd for me. Mixed with my general ambivalence to the doctor who "genre", and an incredible familiarity with the starting location (Reads like there's been a fork in history, and Bond University has ben replaced by Scase University which took over JCU in NQ), I can't imagine not having both preconceived ideas yet an automatic familiarity with it. However, it has been very easy to get "into". I am trying hard to read it in a way which is impartial, so I can prioritise my suggestions (if I come up with any). Once again my curiousity has been irreversebly piqued by a casual remark about the book in relation to real life.

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Anonymous said...

The second draft will definitely be without the Doctor, as I have come up with a rather good way of doing that. It will obviously mean large changes to the text, but I'm really not very attached to the existing text.

And yeah, vivid memories of JCU are what power any sense of realism. Recognise Prof. Egan at all?