Friday, November 26, 2004

Just moving some comments from a previously ignored thread

Dr. Clam said...
Soon we will all be under surveillance by everyone else all the time, so automatic registration of conceptions will become possible! I think the bathtub curve is a very handy tool for deciding how we should deal with human mortality- the more risky a stage of life, the less we should make a big deal of death during this stage...

1:03 AM
Marco said...
There is a bit of a contradiction there, surely. Are you saying that although we should concern ourselves less with deaths at the risky ends of the bathtub, that we should strongly prohibit "playing God" at those same ends if it involves killing, but encourage as many resources as we can "playing God" in saving lives, both with extremely premature babies and the very elderly, who would otherwise die?

The contradiction there is mixing "concern ourselves less" with "strongly prohibit" and "many resources" when talking about essentially the same person.

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