Monday, November 29, 2004


Kylie made Toblerone cheesecake to go with the mango cheesecake and peach pie she made earlier in the day. Marco had argument with Belinda over the fact that he didn’t bring home the computer(I actually had it in the car, but I didn't want her to have it yet). Cooked lasagne for dinner. Fed the kids. Watched Ice Age with Nikolas, Felicia and Zachary. Belinda sulking in bedroom. Went to bed.

Marco got up(at 5:15am went to work for 3/4 hr and then picked up some mangoes from my fathers place), fed kids breakfast, mowed part of the lawn. Sat down and worked out shopping list for party food. Went to supermarket and bought groceries. Came home and cooked filling for Chicken Vol-au-vents, Salmon Puffs, Broccoli and corn quiche, mini quiches, and Savory puff pinwheels. Kids washed plastic chairs. Whipped cream and decorated both cheesecakes and peach pie. Loaded kids table, chairs, drinks etc into van and took them to Kristy’s. Forgot platters and had to go back for them. Did all the pastry stuff and loaded them into the car, dressed ourselves and the kids and went to Kristy’s for Dad’s surprise 60th birthday party. Arrived late and missed the surprise. Marco had to go back to the shop to get the custard Mum forgot. Had to go back home to get the desserts later because there was no fridge space at Kristy’s. Nanna, Aunty Marg, Aunty Robyn and Uncle Glen(Collinsville mob), Leanne, Philip, Kaitlyn, Melissa and Christine (Mackay mob)all came for the party too. Got home Just before eleven o’clock, put all the left over food away and sent the kids to bed. Went to bed ourselves.

Got up at about seven o’clock(Actually, got up at 5:15am again, went to work for 3/4 hour, then went to my fathers place to feed their dogs). Had breakfast. Tidied up the lounge room and swept the floor. Picked up the chairs and table from Kristy’s house. Alicia(11 year old new friend of Belindas, recently arrived from Tasmania) arrived at ten o’clock to play with Belinda. Met her and her mother Helen. Washed all the dishes left over from the party cooking spree. Picked up the grannies and went to Mum’s for lunch. Walkerston and Collinsville mobs were there too. Had plenty of leftovers for lunch. Out of towners left about half past two. Jensens’ all lay down and went to sleep so we packed up to go home after the grannies got their cup of tea and apricot loaf. Took the grannies home and got back at about 4:15pm. Kids played some more on the computer and watched video until 5:oopm then took Alicia home to her house. Came home put the clock(Old piece of furniture) into the boot of the van after taking the table and chairs out again. Put up the Christmas tree and decorated it and chased Zac around trying to get him to stop taking the decorations off the tree again. Fed the kids lasagne and mangoes for dinner. Put the Christmas tree in the playpen in the corner of the lounge. Tested out the lights and put the kids to bed. Had baths and made the wife type my weekend activities for me. Made her some lasagne fed her, took her to bed and loved her to sleep.

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