Thursday, November 18, 2004


I don't care if anybody else is interested: Here's another volleyball report. Well, by some freak of numerology we were at the top of the ladder before this weeks game, but we had to play a newish team that hadn't lost a single game yet (we played one more game than them is the only reason we were in front). Anyhow, there was only three of them, but it was much harder to block against a team that can jump spike effectively. They would invariably spike "over" our blocks, and if not they would very effectively pick the gaps. Also their serves were consistently hard so that we would too often be on the defensive. However, I did manage about three successful blocks, and we only lost by eleven points. Casey, who is only 14 (however, with her twin sister has won the Townsville under 18 pairs, which means she is quite good), made a spectacular block from the baseline (yes it was going in even though it was going straight towards her head)which redeemed her from the fact that she is too hopelessly short (so far) for any sort of effective netplay/intimidation. She is incredibly fit and seems to always beat us when the ball needs fetching.

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