Monday, November 08, 2004


My brother's in Hong Kong, my parents are in Italy. The Union guy's coming for a visit while they're all away. If I injure him, it's only because the Accidental blogger put the thought into my head :-)

The policy that dare not speak its name has been speaking extremely loudly in the media since the election. It's all rather timid stuff - dealing with the issue around the edges, (ie. later term abortions which are a small fraction of the total) what the family first party thinks, whether the liberals are trying to position themselves as "more against abortion than Labor". My abstract thought about the whole thing keeps moving at a rapid clip. Strangely, it didn't affect me when my parents told me they considered aborting me.

I have finished reading "Bard Wars", another very enjoyable read! Next Fork. So will it be get "The Fork" out of here, or will it be "Forking" good. Hmmm, I think "Bard Wars" has sufficiently corrupted my morality now :).

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