Saturday, January 29, 2005

Checking back on the comments: Lexifab comes to the same conclusion as I do with completely different political assumptions - ie. Palestine seems destined to remain an unresolved meta-state for possibly a generation. Now to discuss Aceh : As far as history is concerned the Acehnese rebellion beat back the Dutch before the start of WWII. This, I guess is their basis for being a separate country, as the remnants of the Dutch colonial borders was the main basis for Indonesia's when they became independent. Naturally, disputed areas continued to be disputed after independence. As far as religion is concerned, Aceh is predominantly (fairly radical) muslim with perhaps a christian enclave. I believe that the Tsunami would certainly have made Aceh remaining part of Indonesia (with reasonable autonomy) the best option for everybody. The spectacle of unarmed troops actually healing people has an immense psychological effect in making people believe in humanity and that perhaps an army should be there to serve its people rather than fight the supposed enemy. Why have I never heard of a single story of an Israeli soldier helping a Palestinian in need or saving their injured? Because even if it has happened, it hasn't been a source of pride for anyone involved.

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