Monday, January 10, 2005

I feel at a disadvantage being the only one emotionally involved...

While it is true that I don't feel emotionally involved in the argument of abortion per se, I am quite emotionally involved in all the deaths on both sides of the bathtub curve that happen to relatives or trusted friends. I feel guilt about the miscarriages Kylie has had, relatives twins that were stillborn at 20 weeks gestation, another relative with one twin born normally, the other born alive but without a skull nor outer brain (anencephaly), a lethal condition. Other associates who had abortions - I feel guilt because I could have had enough influence to change their minds if I so chose, but did not have the conviction then. Also my grandparents in Italy that have died - Did they give up on life because they felt a burden to their families? I hadn't seen them since I had children. Also Kylies great aunts - they seemed suspiciously like unofficial euthanasia. I feel emotionally involved with all of these, but not the 90,000 or so abortions in Australia, nor the uncountable cases of euthanasia happening all the time. My reflex of self defence for my emotions is - "It's got nothing to do with me", and "I'm not going to judge them lest I be judged by the actions in my life of which I'm not proud"

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