Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Dr. Clam said...

I've given quite a lot of thought to the 'Walt Disney's Holy Kingdom' proposal. I hope you won't reject it out of hand.

Em...yes, I like it, but there's no votes in it - which gets to my point. Looking ahead a few moves in the war, I see it being no closer to an endgame. The only possible positive influence might be a democratic Iraq. After thinking a bit, I am even more convinced that Aceh has a much better chance of sorting itself out with Indonesia. I believe this even knowing that the bloodshed there has been autrocious - especially if comparing it to Israel. I guess I want to know more about Aceh's history - but my belief in a positive outcome there is independent of important detail like that :-).


Dave said...

Shining Futurist Lexifab says:

Timeline for anything even remotely resembling a non-civil-wartorn, stable, 'democratic' Iraq: 5 to 8 years after the departure of US-led Coalition forces.

Estimated death toll in intervening period: Let's be charitable and say between 50 and 75 thousand.

Impact on neighbourhood: Not good for Palestine, that's for sure.

Marco said...

Even a terrorist-ridden Iraq will pull away some potential Israel attackers, distracted by the greater enemy of "A Democratic ARAB Country" which they would have to take care of first.

Dave said...

Yeah, but compared to the economic and political instability in the region that would be a result of a civil war, the impact on Palestinian stability of siphoning-off of extreme radicals to go and deal with the infidels in Iraq is likely to be minimal.

Besides, in situations like this it makes more sense to be pessimistic and wrong than optimistic and wrong.