Friday, March 04, 2005

Andrew claims Monsters were created - didn't evolve

In the latest news andrewww claims that Monsters Inc. (world) was created by some "artists" ex nihilo, complete with myriad newly invented monsters, ready to multiply at the merest hint of a sequel. "Evolution had nothing to do with it" he cries lamely, ignoring thousands of years of evolution of the concepts, drawings of various monsters these ones obviously came from. "It was an completely original concept" he claims emphatically, ignoring formulas, jokes and storyline segments borrowed with required changes from previous movies. Even the style and techniques of 3-d animation used have been gradually evolving to keep up with the competitive environment of movie-making. If there was ever a movie which demonstrated evolution, this is it!


Andrew Shellshear said...

...which is precisely why I am not joining in most of these debates!

Dr. Clam said...

There are of course two ways of looking at any sub-created phenomenon: trying to understand it from the viewpoint of the creator, and explaining its characteristics that way; and treating it as a self-contained universe that is real on its own level. I always try to extrapolate from the small slice of a universe revealed to us in any art form features of the rest of the universe. While the intentions of the creator are an 'explanation' on one level of phenomena within an art form, and have some interest to me, I am far more interested in the level of explanation that applies within the sub-creation. As a sub-creator myself, I like to feel that I am only ever sketching out the merest outlines of something that is, in its essence, far realler than I could ever make it. The true form of each of my sub-created universes,like the Theory of Everything, lie perfect and eternal within the mind of God.