Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Films I can and will talk about

Danny Darko???? never heard of it (him?)

I'm sorry, but if it hasn't been a cult film in my household, I just will happily stay out of the conversation. Not that there isn't a menagerie of movies that have been on autoplay for days at a time at our place, I will list them here as ones I could authoritatively talk about, and Andrewww's mr. 40 may need some tips if he is going to have children as a DVD is an effective baby sitter from a very young age.

Bob the Builder in "the Knights of Can-a-lot"
Batman - the mistery of the catwoman.
Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper.
Justice League animated series - eg. "Justice on Trial"
Monsters Inc.
Rugrats go Wild
Rugrats in Paris
Toy Story I & II
Lion King I, II & III (Lion king I FF'd here)
Timon & Pumbaa's holiday video
Buzz Lightyear battlestar Galactica
The Land before time I to X (any one of the ten!)
any wiggles or barbie videos


Dr. Clam said...

Monsters Inc.: What is it with the toxicity of human children? It is stressed repeatedly throughout the beginning of the film and completely ignored in the second half. Assuming the film is an accurate depiction of monster society, how could such a belief arise, in the absence of any empirical evidence? Or, was repeated exposure to toxic human children in the monster past so destructive that now only immune monsters are left?

Andrew Shellshear said...

The intent is fairly clearly that it *is* a false belief, with the corollary that look! Monsters are scared of children! And simultaneously, look! This group of beings is afraid of that group of beings for no good reason at all! As an innoculation against fearing the monster-in-the-closet, I would certainly have appreciated it, especially after I had just seen "Poltergeist". That clown. Under. The. Bed.

Marco said...

Yes, I'm going to side with Andrewww here - the intent was clear to me too (after about 50 times of viewing). At the same time, there is some elements that don't quite ring true, all put together. I fear that we are going to talk about popular movies that are dual childrens/adults movies now :-(. Mistery of the batwoman is certainly one that works well for both kids and adults - but I fear it hasn't reached the popularity threshhold, even though it had a cult following in our household very recently.

Dr. Clam said...

Hmmm, that is a Creationist explanation, explaining why the belief is there from the persepective of the people who made the movie. But, assuming the movie is a 'thing-in-itself', there should also be an explanation within the universe of the monsters for why they should hold such a false belief.

Andrew Shellshear said...

Well, I *do* have a creationist philosophy about movies. But in its own terms, I suspect that the monsters do have good reason to be fearful: children are notoriously often sick, and cross-species pathogens may well have caused an outbreak in the past. The question is, how dangerous were these outbreaks? The genetic diversity amongst the monsters appears to be very high, so I doubt many diseases would uniformly affect the monsters. Most likely, there have been outbreaks that have had a high mortality rate amongst some species of monster (which we see less of) and lower amongst others. This would not, however, make the monsters more comfortable: monsters could easily be carriers, so the threat could come from anywhere.

Once the monsters had identified the source of these outbreaks, I can well imagine this level of paranoia about contamination, especially when it would not necessarily immediately show up. It would not be necessary to postulate a population that is now immune, or that had suffered widespread epidemics.