Friday, March 11, 2005

No good American imitation of Nikita

Andrewww said:
Watched two Japanese horror films: "Cure" and "Spiral". The first was provocative and mysterious to a slightly irritating degree, and Spiral was very, very silly

To which I replied:
We got a dvd yesterday. Another Bob the Builder one - Seen it ten times already it was that good :) Have you seen the french (original) version of "the Assassin"? That one still gives me goosebumps ten years on.

and David C replies:
I'm not sure how we got from Bob the Builder to Nikita, but I'll be in that! I'm a great fan of the original movie, and like most of the spin-off stuff as well (which includes a TV show, 2 remakes plus sequel, possibly Leon, and various miscellania)

Well to explain, our family has probably 30 DVD's and 30 videos that we have bought :- Absolutely all of them were for the kids (admittedly, a few of them are also suitable for adults). The only time I watch any movies is if they come on the free to air TV and they catch my eye. This happened in about 1995 when "La femme, Nikita" came on SBS. It was one of the few movies that I watched to the end. When the American remake came on TV just this year, it had the effect of making me relive the original (cold sweats, etc.) However, I think it was a watered down imitation, and if I had seen it first I certainly wouldn't have watched it all. Why am I bringing it up now? Well, the movie demonstrated to me how the French secret service deal with organised crime and home grown terrorism - and it is very effective. I'm not exactly sure why, but I see the same signature in the Lebanese assassination. I think somewhere in my blog I mentioned that I was boycotting French products. Well, I've turned again...

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Andrew Shellshear said...

"La Femme, Nikita" was a very good film, yes. I haven't seen "The Assassin", as I was assured it was the closest thing to a shot-for-shot remake that had been done thus far (the remake of "Psycho", which came later, was meant to be even closer). So, what would be the point?

I was reading an interesting article in New Scientist recently by a member of Greenpeace. He mentions that Greenpeace often get told off for "Bombing that French Yacht", or "Murdering a French guy in New Zealand".