Monday, March 14, 2005

Nikita vs Hizbullah

Dr. Clam said:
you have been unduly infuenced to consider French skullduggery by overexposure to 'la femme Nikita'

I watched it exactly once! Anyway, I always believed France's secret service to have a more mercenary, cold outlook than the average. That made Nikita all the more believable to me. The American remake was watered down and more timid - just like I imagine the American secret service to be (before 9-11). France had to go its way out of necessity to fight the various organised terrorist forces. Italian secret services have also adapted similarly to counter its mafia. If the Greenpeace boat had sank with no casualties, would France have ever been suspected?

On another note Hizbullah, although set up by Iran, and still partly financed by them, is a completely independent unit. It is just as much financed privately and via Syria than by Iran these days. You seem to portray it almost as an extension of Iran's military, while in reality, its more a gun/suicide terrorist for hire, with the capabilities to act independently of both Iran and Syria.

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